- Girls, what are you drinking? This is for you from the bar - let's have fun together!

This Tel Aviv bar Tailor Made is hidden in the courtyards of the endless shops of Allenby, so it’s quite easy to miss it. It’s not easy to understand that the little booth with a sewing machine actually points to the very turn, behind which this beautiful place appears to be. You can hardly call it a bar: the terrace smoothly flows into the inner courtyard, where everything is arranged as if a local wedding is about to begin and the tables are covered for all the neighborhood, from there on you can sneak to the elegant bar counter, from which you can see another hall with soft armchairs and a DJ stand. It seems that it is as endless as the street itself, and you gradually fall, get absorbed by it, like Alice in Wonderland.


There is this unique charm in Tel-Aviv’s bars, this perfect laziness and idleness; that feeling that no one here has built anything intentionally, that the local people just took out the furniture to the street. It’s amazing that in all this mess, waiters never forget about you, they never run between tables in fuss and rush, they never seem to be exhausted. I liked to come to Tailor Made early, sit at a table (yes, not at the bar stand but, for my taste, right here) and watch how gradually all this open space is filled with buzz, celebration and fun all way up to the sky.


The cuisine is excellent: a salad with cherry tomatoes, meat fried with nuts, and falafel. And the drinks accompany the dishes well, and by the way, if you are a fan of tiki-cocktails, then drinking them in southern cities is the best thing: where else will you get a cocktail with freshly squeezed mango or passion fruit and fresh lychee on the top of crushed ice? What about the local signature drink – arrack? If your southern friends once made you drink it straight, whereupon you promised yourself not to drink it ever again, try it in cocktails – and you’ll be surprised.

tailor-made-bar-tel-aviv (8)

I don’t mean that all these drinks deserve world fame and awards of honorable competitions. Neither they aren’t poured for that sake at the first place. That’s the great part about Tel Aviv: sitting on an old bench in flip-flops wearing a ridiculous tunic, when your hair is jumping, while being put up by a fan, the sun is making its way through the roofs, drinks are pouring into you like a cool waterfall and life is so bright around you that you don’t want to look at the check, so you order more and more, knowing that you can walk home on foot.


Tel-Aviv, Allenby 99

8.00 p.m. – until the last guest

Mai Tai – $ 12, Al Pacino Sour – $ 12

$$ (by Israeli standards, of course)