Cocktails, in general, are for man. Only then Pina Colada was invented.

We went to Klava during our 9-hour night flight change in Moscow on our way to Cuba. It was not so easy as I imagined to find a place that works till dawn on weekdays, but when I came across Klava, I realized that it was a sign, because I already wanted to go there, even when I kept on coming on a short one-day visit to my Moscow friend. But in the end we always chose to go to other places, and Klava kept on waiting for me all this time.

Бар "Клава", Москва

When you get to Klava, you get a little astonished by asceticism and simplicity, but then, you catch the right atmosphere in the air and instantly realize that you will feel fine here.  It gives a sense of detachment of some St. Petersburg’s bar, and in a way it has something underground-ish, as a set of turned on disco balls can be found hanging together in a totally empty room. While sitting down at the bar counter you realize that here the attitude towards alcohol is pretty serious: massive cabinets resemble bookcases, the bottles sparkle with all their roundness and you instantly want to start drinking.

Бар "Клава", Москва

We did not even open the menu. We just talked all night with the bartender, who told us stories about alcohol, about Moscow and bars, simultaneously being very focused on mixing his masterpiece cocktails. Unfortunately, since I lost the phone the names of the cocktails that I had carefully photographed as a keepsake were left in oblivion, but I’m sure that those on the menu are worthy of praise.

Бар "Клава", Москва

After Minsk, Moscow and other cities invariably amaze me with a bigger variety and breadth of choice. I always know that they can make something I’ve never drunk before, just because I’ve never tried these ingredients. But I am glad that with such an abundance the guys try, learn and strive to be able to do and know even more.

Бар "Клава", Москва

And “Klava” is brilliant. This is the case when you get everything you want, while not draining your wallet and you don’t feel out of place wearing your sneakers, even sitting under the crystal chandeliers. On weekends people dance till one drops, and on weekdays the place becomes a hangout for all those, who were caught by Moscow at night by surprise. I hope this is not my last visit to Klava, I hope to get there the other Friday or Saturday, listen to the music and tread my shoes down at heels.


Malaya Bronnaya Str. 26, Moscow

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.

You can check out the menu here, but I recommend to follow bartender’s advice


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