Secluded on a small street leading to the Rothschild Boulevard, the Berdichevski Hotel hides the real treasure of Tel Aviv’s cocktail world. It is not so easy to get into Bellboy Bar, which is covered with heavy velvet curtains, so it’s better to make a reservation in advance. It’s yet a special pleasure to watch the bartender in black gloves, especially from the first row. Making my way almost in pitch darkness for our table, I thought that I had got into the movie “Prestige” – and something very out of the ordinary would definitely happen, and the music that was playing suggested that it could be Fitzgerald at Gatsby’s arm coming out “from the closet”.

бар bellboy, тель-авив

It was very dark in the bar, and anything could happen. The times of the dry law are mixed here with the waitress girl who came off the screen in the image of the Addams Family, every now and then something was steaming, gleaming and smelling deliciously on other tables, and we examined the cage on the counter for a long time until we realized that the parrot was not real. The menu in Bellboy is very authentic, service is amazing, and the number of drinks has no end. You can explain to the girls and the barman what drink you would like, or randomly point to what you would like to order, or you can pick a cocktail being guided by strange ingredients. When it was time to make an order, it turned out that the menu consists entirely of signature cocktails and there is no end to them. Would you dare to try a drink with bacon-vodka? I was examining closely the cocktail Masha On Fire for a long time, but the choice fell on Keep Clean # 2, so that my eyes would open and I could soberly appreciate such a strange and pretentious Tel Aviv’s bar.

бар bellboy, тель-авив

This most refreshing cocktail was served in a trendy bathtub with a duckling and foam. It was lovely, but very sour, nothing special. Holy Water was much livelier; it was served with a smoking cone. It was delicious. You have to order shots in Bellboy they say. And when you do – an old-fashioned trolley with little jars and bottles atop will be rolled up to your table, of which all kinds of unidentified liquids will be mixed. I no longer had the strength to go through that, especially after an impressive trip to the ladies’ room.

бар bellboy, тель-авив

Sorry for the details, but I never went to the toilet so exquisitely – with the loud music from Swan Lake, and, in my opinion, the most intense moment of the whole ballet. I got overwhelmed with the feeling of beauty (especially since it was even darker than in the bar, if I recall it correctly) and the toilet thing was done, I got frightened when I did not see myself in the mirror. Then I stretched my hand and realized that there was no mirror, and some disoriented man could have been using the very sink in front of me.

бар bellboy, тель-авив

The last cocktail was drunken almost at a draught. First off, we were freezing – the air conditioner was switched on a such mode as if we were supposed to be sitting here in fur coats, and second off, after the surreal experience in the toilet I was caught off balance when I saw the inscription This is Heaven on the way out from the WC.

бар bellboy, тель-авив

A more pleasant circumstance was the “happy hour” and a 50% discount on all drinks from 6 pm to 9 pm, which was more than enough for us, but Swan Lake will never be the same for me anymore.


Berdichevsky 14, Tel Aviv

18:00 – 03:00

Keep clean #2 – 16$, Holy Water – 15$, Masha on fire – 15$


And remember – do not feed hippos, do not lick pumpkins! (written on the menu)