I can’t understand this city and these people, whatever angle I’m trying to look at them from. It seems that everything is much easier for those, who are all ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, but in reality they are all in their own way, but in reality they are the most zealous snobs that I know. Same thing with bars. You think that in the cocktail bar Martinez with the Metlakh tile floor and the four-page cocktail card, you will be met with indifference and with peculiar arrogance, but you face this attitude in a super ‘friendly’ place on the backstreets – the Enthusiast bar.

Энтузиаст, Москва

Yet they, can be understood too. They don’t like strangers; they don’t seek casual communication in a bar. They come for craft beer and cider, they come to listen to a lecture about the Beatles, watch a movie about the band. Spend quality time with friends in privacy, talk on the selected topics about democracy, real music and cinema, god knows what else. Only the girl, sitting down at the bar and distracting everyone from doing their job, is annoying plus she’s a stranger.

Энтузиаст, Москва

But the place itself, if it was in another city and with a different attitude, it would become one of my favorite ones. In the depths of the backstreet, with beautiful old-school windows with red frames, many tables standing outside, while inside – it seems the furniture comes from flea markets from all over the world. Beer, cider, salads, sandwiches. Nothing special, but everything’s special. Beer is craft, salad is not a Caesar type, and a bowl filled with carrots, chicken, nuts and something else; behind you: a DJ and a collection of vinyl, obviously; on Facebook it’s written “the Enthusiast. Coffee house, sandwich bar, motorcycle repair”; at the bar counter there is a girl, who reminds me of Yoko Ono.

Энтузиаст, Москва

After taking a closer look at the crowd, I realized that it was just a place for locals. For someone it must be of a landmark nature, a place where one spent her/his whole youth, where the most desperate encounters happened, where you drank to all worthy life occasions. It won’t become that place to me, not only because I don’t live in Moscow, but I’m just not an enthusiast and I will not force friendship upon those, who just don’t care about my presence.

Энтузиаст, Москва

Stoleshnikov Lane 7, Building 5, Moscow

Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Sat-Sun 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Cider – 5,3 $, wheat grapefruit beer – 3 $, draft lager – 4,6 $


cover photo – facebook.com/enthusiastmoscow