I’m crying over spilt milk: How could have I planned my trip to St. Petersburg without putting neither El Copitas, nor MBS (Moscow Bar Show – please, don’t ask me why it’s held in St. Petersburg) on my to-do list, it could be hard doing so even on purpose. And the guys have a real helter-skelter there – an entire symposium of the bar industry with tastings rooms, master classes, an exchange of experience and a bunch of stuff. But I will give my due, at least mentally, to one of the exhibitors – a unique and wonderful Social Club, located in the building with the five corners from a postcard.

It has been recently opened by my old friends, who have already given Terminal and Bekitzer to the city. While reading the interview and swiping through the photos of the opening, I could not even imagine the scale of this, I can’t move my tongue to tell this – the bar. A huge free space below seemingly 20 feet tall ceilings, two drinking halls – champagne and shake – high tables in the hall and windows overlooking Zagorodny Avenue above the washbasins in the restroom, peacefully scattered sofas and armchairs here and there, floor lamps, paintings, a fireplace. As if the place had existed for several decades, but only recently the protecting cover was removed from the furniture, and bottles were placed on the shelves (book shelves?).

By the way, there is not enough sight to see all the bottles at once. In the champagne hall, everything is poured quietly, with the sound of an escaping cork or the crackling of ice, when it starts to warm up by alcohol, if that. In the shake bar, obviously, they make cocktails of all kinds. Shame on me, but I was not expecting this place to be so cocktail-ish. I saw that they held book presentations, stand-up fairytales, a lecture about Shakespeare, an exhibition about Dovlatov, unplugged live performances, and dancing to my favorite DJ Messer. It turned out that the attitude to beverages here is more than serious.

I was introduced to the unprecedented rum from the islands of Mauritius that has notes of coconut and vanilla, I got a complement in a form of a cocktail foam from dates and St. Germain’s elderberry liqueur – it’s damn delicious, I must say. ‘Splendid, Splendid,’ I thought, while taking steps to the street. We had time to discuss drinks, novelties, difficulties of the Belarusian industry and the upcoming MBS. I caught myself thinking that I couldn’t be unbiassed towards such places that make me feel an infinite aesthetic delight. I don’t remember if their cocktails were any good (probably in a sense, not terrible) or whether the prices were adequate. I remember only that there was no sweet sparkling wine in the champagne bar (only CAVA, which tastes absolutely non-sweet), even so this fact did not bring me down. You can drink in St. Petersburg in a completely different fashion, but sometimes you have to do it with splendor.


Rubinstein Str., 40/11, St. Petersburg

Sun-Thu 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

Fri-Sat 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

St. Germain Spritz – $ 6.5 Manhattan – $ 6.5