Where’s the coolest serving? Here! The Double Standard cocktail bar can compete for this title either with Bellboy, or with its own partner-bar Spicehaus, but nonetheless, all fans of cocktail culture should come here.

The bar is tiny and it’s made in the spirit of colonial chic. Pleasant and chambery, all as I like. The bet is made on unusual feeds, on an unrestrained fantasy: “Bloody Mary” in a vacuum package for blood, cocktail in the mouth of a shark or in the totem head from Easter Island, in a cup of English porcelain or in the head of a Roman emperor. All this has its effect, the photos are shared through Instagram at lightning speed, and the bar is always packed with people.

All this is entertaining, but the bar is good not because of this. More precisely not only because of this. First off, they make cocktails without fancy serving, but very pleasant and sometimes perfect balance, which I find quite rare. And second off, there are friendly and non- pesky easy-going bartenders. Surprisingly, in Israel there is a problem with this, especially, as I noted, in cocktail areas. Bartenders are very busy and they can rarely support a conversation that doesn’t relate the taste of the drink.

Remember I told you about the swan passion in the Bellboy toilet? So here’s another cool idea: an audiobook. However, I didn’t define the book, but a very nice, gentle male voice was reading it and I didn’t want to go out.

From other pleasantness – the bar happy hours last from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., and they serve cocktails for take away. Put it into your drinking route.


247 Dizingoff, Tel Aviv


18:00 – 03:00