Another creation of the founder of the Imperial bar – the Mexican-Caribbean bar La Otra, which locates in the same strange hotel, almost door-to-door to his older brother. In my opinion, this close vicinity is not the most advantageous thing and that’s why.

Imperial bar is not gonna give up its positions. For many years it has been considered the best cocktail bar in the Middle East. Such a success could not but encourage the owners to open new bars. The Motel, and Truck de Luxe, and now La Otra are all under the same success aura of their owner, Bar Shira, that echoes the loyalty to the Imperial bar, the best on this list. But how infinite is this influence?

If the Motel still draws attention with its controversial ironic appearance, its charisma, then in La Otra’s case, and this is entirely my personal opinion, they had run out of fantasy. Unassuming bar with neon lights, which seem to reduce the cost of any interior, the bar looks empty and premature. As if it was decorated for Halloween and someone forgot to clean it up later.

Nonetheless, the drinks are good, you can’t argue with that, and yet they lack the flair. I’m taking into account the fact that after the impossibly high standard of the Imperial bar it’s hard to meet it – all these colonial delights, original combinations, findings. Therefore, if you haven’t already been to these bars – start with La Otra, then check out the Imperial, and then for the keen sensation – the Motel. In such a way the route will turn out to be unpredictable. And on the next day, if your state of health will enable you to go on find one of the tracks with burgers, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. The only alcohol options you can hit there are beer and jug wine (literally, jug wine).

But what I like about these bars is that the seats at the counter, not so popular among the Israelis, need to be booked in advance – they go off like hot cakes. And the food is always transcendently delicious, it is served in my favorite format – finger food, bar snacks, which are extremely great to enjoy from a common dish with a bare hand. Book a seat at the counter – and mind the blessed happy hours (from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.), otherwise prices can bite.


Hayarkon 66, Tel Aviv

Mon-Sun 6:00 p.m.- 02:00 a.m.


+972 73-264-9464