While being not far from Cyprus yet another time, I decided to take a plane there, to see pink flamingos, meet with an old friend and hop in Lost + Found Drinkery bar, which, by the way, occupies the 27th place in the rating of the best bars in the world. I was intrigued.

No, I’m not the one who blindly trusts the ratings, rather the opposite: my experience of visiting such “recognized” places speaks not in their favor. Nonetheless, it was inquiring to observe the features a bar should have, how it was special that it could be considered better than the others. And while London is still out of my reach, I will check what is on the way to it.

Lost + Found Drinkery is outside the old city and when we arrived there, the first reaction was: “Are you sure this is the place?” An unremarkable, gloomy room with a trapezoid bar counter facing the entrance. One can only stand at the bar counter, a couple of tables are scattered at the corners, but not even tables, rather metal barrels. A few things about the interior décor: custom tiki mugs of regular guests behind transparent cell doors.

And bartenders look proud, but friendly. The menu is compiled in great detail, competently, and it has a special table, where drinks are sorted from light to strong, with a designation of a glass in which a drink is served and a color-based designation of dominant alcohol. But it’s completely impossible to consider the color, because it’s pitch dark in the bar.

Were the drinks any good? They were delightful. They were served in a beautifully modest way and their flavor was well-balanced. Bartenders do their job accurately, smoothly, with a smile. We tried several of the signature cocktails, but decided to make a verdict according to the classics and ordered a Daiquiri. Daiquiri turned out to be so dry that it hurt my teeth, and the waiter politely took notice that we delayed drinking this cocktail and remarked that “Daiquiri should be of a certain temperature, and when the bartender makes it, it should be cooled off significantly to achieve the desired taste, and we started drinking it far too late, therefore the balance was lost.” Of course, all of this is nonsense. All that the waiter needed to say in such a situation, which was not the worst what could have happened, is “Sorry, the hand must have slipped. Let’s try this again and make another one.” Or something like this.

I heard that Lost + Found Drinkery wasn’t burning by accident: the local mobsters were trying to press it. The guys who make this place grow are really good mixologists and are making a cocktail revolution in Cyprus. All this may be so, but if the brightest epithet that you can award a bar is ‘mediocre’, there is something to think about, right? Next time I am in Cyprus, I will visit the Gym, and I regret not having chosen it in the first place.


38 Lord Byron Street, Nicosia


Mon-Thu 6:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Fri-Sat 7:00 p.m. – 01:30 a.m.

Sun – closed


cover photo – facebook.com/LFDrinkery