The winter in Minsk was more than eventful, wasn’t it? For me, the most anticipated season finale was the opening of the new old London Café. Kew London Bar was created by the dream team and became my personal symbol of improvement, growing up and overcoming fears.

It sounds slightly pathetic, but I believe that every small step always brings something big and important. There had been a lot of talk about what the old London Café meant for many people, but it was clear to everyone that its time was long gone. The only remaining question was what was gonna open up on its place instead. The Minsk insight was troubling: wasteland, fast food, another absurdity in white paint? But as soon as I found out who would be involved in the project, I sighed with relief, because it’s always about people, and when they are the terrific professionals you trust, there’s nothing to worry about.

I was terribly curious when I was walking past the plastic-wrapped door, trying to figure out what was about to open here. And here it is, Nyezalyezhnastsi Ave. 18 again on my go-to list.

Yegor from Peresmeshnik, Misha and Vasya from El Pushka, Zhenya and Zhenya from ButterBro created a true top-notch cocktail bar on the avenue, which is very uncommon. Almost every city lacks good places (consider at least St. Petersburg) that are located on the main street, avenue, square; maybe not targeting tourists is our advantage. The guys carefully preserved the legacy of London in Kew London, taking it out of the framework of English language textbook. With the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew instead of the Tower of London, Big Ben and a red double-decker bus.

The whole concept is built around these Gardens: interior, artwork, drinks. Traditions of the original London Café have been preserved in the form of coffee, which is served here from the early morning. Which is not an alternative version of it, but good old delicious classic coffee. All cocktails with botanical novelties: propolis, lemongrass, galangal, ylang-ylang, lychee, aloe, valerian and licorice. I’m totally delighted with decorations in the form of dried leaves.

Kew London Bar is the same chamber, small and soulful, only mature and aristocratic, but, without pathos and snobbery, just like you and me, who went there in those days, when we were students. I like everything about it – bright green and yellow colors, elegant tables with gilded legs and deliberately stretched glasses, and of course, – bartenders. And I even like the prices. Not because I’m willing to forgive them for these prices, but because it’s a strong-willed and proud decision.

And someone, please, bring them Kew Gin from London!



Nyezalyezhnastsi Ave.18, Minsk


Mon-Thu 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Fri-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.