On the other bank of the decorous and museum-ish Florence there is a street that goes against all classical perceptions of this city. The street buzzes, carouses, beeps, moves in two back and forth torrents, owing to the bars located on it – just like Rubinstein St. in St. Petersburg. And the best self-proclaimed bar of Europe and Micronesia (just like this) Mad Souls & Spirits can be also found there.

If it weren’t for pre-trip prep, I would most likely have passed without having noticed it: the acid green color of its walls reminded me of Soviet apartment block entrances or school locker rooms, and, in general, of places that I try to erase from my memory. But the colorful bartenders’ aprons and their involvement in Florence cocktail week set me up in positive mood.

The Mad Souls & Spirits Bar is small but equipped. There is a set of rules written on the menu (rather unexpected for such entourage) and a few notes about what their philosophy is all about and why there are no soft drinks on the menu. The logic is hell of a simple: ‘You are neither going to the restaurant to ignore eating food, nor you are going to the bar to ignore drinking alcohol.’ All of these could be simply described as arrogance, if it wasn’t for the atmosphere of complete chill-out and tranquility, built on trademark charming Italian smiles, of course.

The coolest section of the menu in Mad Souls & Spirits is local interpretation of the World’s classics. If I’m not mistaken, it was a twist on Daiquiri (or Margarita? I’m not so sure, to be honest) with Tuscan olive oil and cumin syrup, and I have a soft corner for cumin! And well, yes, I was satisfied. Bar prices are unforgiving, but not to the extreme (we’ll return to this later in my next posts), but it’s quite an educational program to the agricultural features of the region.

I like this special and delicate attitude towards your nearest and dearest. Of course, that’s happened not without the help of years of traditions, but after all, even these traditions have started from something.



Borgo San Fredian 36R, Florence


Mon-Sun 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.