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Imperial Bar, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has always surprised me with its duality, its ability to combine incompatible and always deliberately act contrary to the public opinion. It’s everywhere, it even concerns bars. I had heard a bit about the Imperial Bar before I got there for the first time. It was repeatedly recognized as the best bar in Israel, the whole Middle East, and a few times – the world. Knowing the level of Israeli prices, I armed myself with my Israeli oligarchs – and we went there, after we hopped beforehand to Lucifer, our good and hidden from others eyes little bar.


Bar Port Said, Tel Aviv

When I want to feel happier in winter, I remember the sea, the sun and the sand of my beloved Tel Aviv. I close my eyes and imagine how I walk along my favorite streets, going to my favorite places. I try not to idealize this city; I just remember it without sound – without the buzz of local shopkeepers, without the loud discontent of the drivers, without the many-voiced noise of its residents. I see how I turn from the pedestrian Nahalat Benjamin, go out to the crowded Allenby and then to Port Said, not to the Egyptian city, but to the key bar in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue.


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